M. M. Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

M. M. Securities (Pvt) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified brokerage house and corporate member of the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited. It was incorporated in 2009 and acquired corporate membership of the Karachi Stock Exchange in the same year. M.M. Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. continues to strengthen its position as one of the leading brokerage house of Pakista Stock Exchange (P.S.E) by going beyond traditional levels of service to facilitate its clients in all services including high-quality research, timely settlement and all kinds of financial transitions including equity and commodity, hedging and arbitrage, online trading, portfolio advisory, wealth management, and research. The research by M.M. Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. is published on Bloomberg and other international forums; and is provided to its 700 retail clients, high net worth clients and renowned institutions.