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The M.M. Group is not a one-man army. It is not about an individual; rather it’s about a team that you have to work with. The most valuable asset of the group is the Team and The Leader who are willing to do everything that needs to be done to make dreams come true. Mr. Mahmood Baqi Moulvi is the team leader who saw a dream 25 years back and to transform the dream into reality, he gathered dedicated and sincere individuals who became the Team; since it is Mr. Moulvi’s firm belief that having a dedicated, committed, and sincere team is essential for a successful long journey.


M.M. Marine Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

The pioneer company of the group initially engaged in marine agency services and over the years captured the major share of shipping agency.


Asia Trade & Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.

To provide Ship Management Services (including technical, commercial, logistics, general agency and feeder services). The Company provided agency services to M/s. SimaTech Shipping and Trading LLC; one of the leading companies in the Feeder Operation market.


Marine Pride Shipping and Trading Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.

Company owned two vessels; PRIME–I and PRIME-II. The core area of activity is Chartering, Sales and Purchase of demo vessels, and contracts of affreightment for public and private sectors. Marine Pride Shipping and Trading is also a member of BIMCO (The Baltic and International Maritime Council). BIMCO is an independent international shipping association, based in Bagsværd Denmark, composed of ship owners, managers, brokers, agents and many other stakeholders with vested interests in the shipping industry.


M.M. Commodities

A trading arm of M. M. Group importing/exporting wheat and coal alongside the export of rice. The company cemented major success in Rice Export. M.M. Commodities is three times recipient of Export Trophies for the year 2003-04, 2004-05 and 2005-06 from the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) . It recieved the Rice Export Association of Pakistan (REAP) Trophy for the 2002-03 and the Achievers of Industrial Excellence Trophies in 2006 by Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to SAARC countries. The Company achieved the Best Exporter Gold Medal of the year 2009 from the Karachi Chambers of Commerce & Industry (KCCI).


M.M. Rice Mill (Pvt.) Ltd.

Cater for export demands with quality assurance. The three different milling units have a capacity of 1000 Metric Tons per day and are well equipped with the latest technology including SORTEX Machines by BUHLER from Germany. The milling units are situated all around Bin Qasim Industrial Zone, Port Qasim.


M.M. Securities (Pvt.) Ltd.

The Group’s financial arm was established in early 2009 as the Group decided to further diversify in the financial sector. M. M. Securities Private Limited acquired the membership of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited and the membership of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited (formerly National Commodity Exchange Limited) in April 2009. In a span of 4 years M. M. Securities Private Limited has become a renowned name in the corporate segment.


M.M. Oil Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.

Incorporated in 2010, it is situated inside Port Qasim in the Edible Oil & Molasses Area and has a seed crushing capacity of 500 MT/day. All the Centrifuges are from Alfa Laval Malaysia – one of the largest manufacturer of edible solvent extraction plant and refinery. The Crushing, Expeller and Refinery sections are based on the latest technology to provide efficient and quality Crude Edible Oil and Meal and Soap.


M.M. Flour Mill (Pvt.) Ltd.

It is located in Port Qasim Eastern Zone, and the production capacity of the mill is greater than 250 Metric Tons per day.

The mill is by Buhler of Switzerland.


M.M. Ghee Mill (Pvt.) Ltd.

The mill is situated inside Port Qasim with production capacity of 200 MT/day. The entire plant including the Refining, Bleaching and Deodorizing section is fully automated and computer controlled with state of the art technology by Alfa Laval Malaysia. The production of both mills sold to the renowned FMCG companies on bulk basis. However, recently the M.M. Ghee Mill has launched it’s own Brand of edible oil by the name of ’Moulvi’.


M.M. Farms

By doing wide research we have chosen to keep the world’s best renowned breed for egg layer farms which is the ”Bab-cock” which originates from USA , the pullets have been carefully selected with the optimum level of health and age and have adjusted in the environment beautifully.

The poultry farm has a capacity to produce 60,000 eggs daily and is further due to expansion in the near future.

The temperature and lightning inside the sheds are computer controlled, which provides the hens a pleasant environment to breed in; hence this leads to a superior quality of egg production.

M.M. Farms has launched it’s own Brand of edible eggs by the name of ’The Lucky Egg’.