M.M. Flour Mill (Pvt.) Ltd.

Quality food products require unwavering dedication to quality at every level of our operation – from inspecting wheat and buying it, through transport, storage, processing, packaging and distribution. Our decades of experience have taught us that the journey is a never-ending one – there are always new facts to learn, new practices to implement, and more sophisticated machinery to install. We pride ourselves in being open to learning, willing to change, eager to verify – as long as we believe these efforts will result in higher quality products that are meaningful to our consumers.

The company provides its customers with superior quality flours, using world class milling technology by , to the highest levels of trace-ability and food safety, on the both unit at Port Qasim and at Site Industrial area with the name of Masoom Flour Mill (Pvt.) limited.

By the Grace of God, M. M. Flour Mills (Pvt) Limited is continuously flourishing and increasing its market share, particularly in the premium sector, by supplying the premium quality products to retail consumers and corporate customers in the baking and food industries such as:

  • English Biscuit Manufacturers Private Limited. (EBM)
  • K.S. Sulemanji Esmailji & Sons Private Limited. (Kolson Slanty)
  • Ismail Industries Private Limited. (Bisconi, Candyland, Snackcity)

Using cutting edge milling technology, with a progressive outlook, M.M. Flour Mill has launched “MoulvI” brand flour in the F.M.C.G market to provide quality values to the nation. Our key to Quality is procuring the finest quality of wheat by rigorous testing, and an effective supply chain – local and international.

Since the origin and quality of the procured wheat has a direct impact on the quality of the final product, M.M. Flour Mill (Pvt.) Ltd. has put in place an all-encompassing quality maintenance and detection system. Only the best quality grain is milled after it has been approved by lab tests clear on all the parameters on which we examine it:

  • Moisture, weight and soundness of the grain;
  • Absence of impurities;
  • Damage by infestation or weather.

In Pakistan, new wheat is available in April. At this time, our procurement department and warehouses helps us build up a massive inventory of wheat. This buffer enables us to protect our customers from variations in quality and wild fluctuations of prices in commodity markets. At the same time, since this wheat is stored in warehouses managed by us, we are able to ensure the most hygienic and sanitary conditions for our grain.