M.M. Farms

M. M. Farms was incorporated in 2015:

  • Currently this new project conists of a high tech fully automated Egg layer poultry farm.
  • By doing wide research we have chosen to keep the world’s best renowned breed for egg layer farms which is the ”Babcock” which origniates from USA , the pullets have been carefully selected with the optimum level of health and age and have adjusted in the enviornment beautifully.
  • The poultry farm has a capacity to produce 60,000 eggs daily and is further due to expanasion in the near future.
  • All of the machinery and equipment is of high quality has been imported from China.
  • The temperature and lightning inside the sheds are computer controlled, which provides the hens a pleaseant environment to breed in; hence this leads to a superior quality of egg production.
  • As it is our group’s policy not to comprise on quality; we have kept highly qualified vets to ensure the bird’s health remains well and the risk of disease is minimized.

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