MM News is a rising digital media outlet of Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of MM group a famous Pakistani Industrial group. MM News was found some 4 years ago with the aim to provide unbiased and reality-based information to the public. Every day MM News publishes more than a hundred news both in English and Urdu on its website, while it also broadcast video-based news on different social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
The main fucus of MM news is on political and social issues while it also gives a vast coverage to showbiz and sport news. It also focusing Interesting and unique topics while it gives special coverage to the young people do something extraordinary in their fields.
It will not be wrong to say that MM News in true meaning play its role as a fourth pillar of the state by developing social and political awareness in the pubic and making public opinion in the favor of democracy, rule of law and supremacy of the constitution in the country.
MM news has more than twenty-member staff in his office, located in Karachi, while its also has correspondents in Islamabad and other big cities of the country. MM News is equipped with a modern studio with sophisticated cameras and others equipment.
In a short span, MM News has more than one million viewership across the world and the number is rising with the passage of every single day. The days is not far away when this rising digital media group will be one of the leading media outlets of Pakistan.

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