Culture is socially constructed and leaders need to initiate great conversations that tie cultural norms to the organization’s goals to enable success.
M.B. Moulvi – Chairman

Besides shipping businesses, the Group has also created a strong foothold in the AgriCommodity trading sector by achieving record breaking volumes in Exports and Imports since 2002.

The group developed a financial arm in 2009 with the name of M.M. Securities (Pvt.) Ltd as a TREC holder of Karachi Stock Exchange Limited and Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited.

In 2010, the group entered the Edible Oil and Banaspati industry in bulk trading and has recently entered the FMCG sector in Pakistan by launching its own MOULVI brand of Oil and Banaspati.


M.M. Group is about our energetic and dedicated team of dynamic professionals are work on our core values. It gives us pride to provide our people with challenging growth opportunities which instill values of team work and leadership.

Our ethics. We make every effort to provide a comfortable and flexible working atmosphere, which makes us highly valued in the eyes of our employees.

Our commitment towards the welfare of our employees has led us to develop many unique policies that promote greater diversity, provide opportunities for growth and career development.

It gives us great pleasure to have more than 700 individuals who we can count on. Our people represent us, and we ensure that the values we stand on are the values of our people.

The values that define us are Integrity, Dedication, Commitment, Quality and Excellence

What they mean to us…

  • Integrity is about ensuring the health and safety of the work environment
  • Dedication is about innovation and taking initiatives to improve the work processes
  • Commitment is about going the extra mile to ensure orders are fulfilled on time
  • Quality & Excellence is about being responsible, ethical and efficient in all the work that we do


Time flies… It’s been more than 35 years for my patriotism and dedication to Pakistan.
After graduating in the 1980s, I arduously started my own business. I worked steadily and went through all kinds of difficulties and hardships, tasting all the bitterness and happiness that accompany such struggles. The environment of this time not only trained one’s spirit for hard-work, but it also strengthened one’s will power and fortitude in the pursuit of achieving one’s ideal.

M.M. Group of Companies was established over 25 years ago, and we have encountered numerous trials and hardships during the process of Pakistan’s reform. In keeping pace with the tremendous development of the country, M.M. Group has always thrived on the road of dedication to the country. All the while I’ve always firmly believed that “Sincerity” and “Credibility” is the greatest asset of an individual and an enterprise.

Treating people with sincerity has won me trust and support from countless customers and business associates, and has established the foundation of the growth of M.M. Group.

The period since 2007 was the most important milestone in the course of development of M.M. Group. Having the organization and resources restructured successfully, the group has focused its effort on three main business sections: Rice, Flour and Edible Oil.

Today M.M. Group’s vision is to strengthen the agricultural commodity sector of Pakistan at consumer level; since the quality and standard of agricultural products of a country; reflect the quality of life and the standard of living of its citizens.

The goal of M.M. Group is to provide customers with the best products and services, and make the company an outstanding enterprise. I believe: with our sincere cooperation, assiduity and consistent efforts, our goal will be achieved.

At M.M. Group we dedicate ourselves to create successive milestones together, and share the results and process of enterprise development, which become the value of all the people at M.M. Group. We create a harmonious environment for our development, let employees display their talent, and maximize their self-worth with an open attitude.

Cooperation and win-win strategies are the subject of the current business world. Hence, we always embrace the spirit of cooperation, development and value creation. With our integrity and sincerity, we are looking for cooperation with new and old friends from home and abroad.

Together we will create value, share benefits, and seek development for a better future

Our Philosophy


Our Clients has always been our focus and we take great pride ...


Our Clients has always been our focus and we take great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the same level of consistent service everywhere in the world. We do this by staying true to our core assets: our people, our systems, our culture and our customers.


Accountability for achieving the company's overarching business ...


Accountability for achieving the company’s overarching business objectives starts with the goals and objectives outlined by the president & CEO for the company’s business lines, and pervades through the entire company.


Social responsibility and environmental consciousness determine ...


Social responsibility and environmental consciousness determine both internal company decisions and the staff- and environment-friendly technological solutions we provide.


Safety is an integral part of M.M. Group’s culture. ...


Safety is an integral part of M.M. Group’s culture. We are committed to providing a safe and respectful working environment for all with the appropriate safety procedures and policies in place onsite and within the community.

We define safety as protecting ourselves, protecting others and protecting our future


The integrity of business at M.M. Group is based ...


The integrity of business at M.M. Group is based on the ethical standards of our employees in our everyday operations. Integrity is a precious asset, it is our reputation and the foundation of corporate integrity is personal integrity. We treat people with fairness and respect, we embrace diversity and accept differences and we do not tolerate misconduct.


At M.M. Group, excellence translates into all aspects ...


At M.M. Group, excellence translates into all aspects of our workplace. It is our personal and group commitment to doing what we do well. We drive for best results and are agile in addressing new challenges. As a business, we drive excellence by setting challenging goals, committing ourselves to developing our people, encouraging innovation, creativity and diversity of thought, and fostering teamwork and open communication.

Trusted Partners

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